Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coats, North Carolina

Our last week on the Outer Banks was relaxing and quiet.  We also celebrated Thanksgiving in the motorhome with a turkey breast, trimmings and grateful hearts.

We got in another visit to the Currituck Lighthouse and we climbed it this time.

It was a strong wind up there but the view was awesome!

We went back to the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge. 
We saw a huge flock of ducks fly over us this time.

And we enjoyed another excellent lunch at the Blue Moon Beach Grill in Nags Head.
A tasty fried flounder platter.
Grilled wahoo, delicious!

The month of December will find us in Coats, NC.  We will be "moochdocking" in my Mom's driveway while we complete medical and dental appointments and also celebrate the Christmas holiday with family.  Shortly after Christmas, we are off to Florida.
Warmer temperatures await..


  1. That food at Blue Moon Beach Grill looks delish! We'll have to check it out someday :)
    Enjoy the holidays with your family and then, travel safely to warmer weather!

  2. love your pics, how did you change your cover pic, it keeps telling me its too big but it isn't. we have a new problem, no hot water, lots of cold but no hot on all faucets, oh no, more repairs, this is getting ridiculous. its not the money, it is the frustration of trying to get it fixed. I really like to take a shower in my own place. Oh well. Have a wonderful holiday, we are going to be in the Palm Beach festival of lights parade sat. nite. We are decorating the car for hannukah, with white and blue icicle lights, a white xmas tree with blue balls and xmas lites, we are also wearing blue and white santa hats, should be a lot of fun.