Sunday, November 23, 2014

In And About The Outer Banks, Part 2

The weather the last several days has been chilly yet sunny.  The wind here makes the air feel a little colder but with the sun shining, its warmth makes it a bit more tolerable.  We just dress warmer with layers and keep on going. 
We made a stop at 
Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head.
This photo was taken from inside their gift shop..just too windy to walk out on the pier this afternoon!

We enjoyed a couple of beers from the Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills.
We were celebrating our second year anniversary as full-time RVers.
I selected the Hefeweizen and Ronnie their IPA.  Both were good but full-time RVing is better.

Geri, my friend from the college days, took us to the Weeping Radish in Grandy, NC.  We enjoyed lunch and some good microbrewed beers there too.

We spent more time at the Wright Brothers Memorial.  It is just awe-inspiring to see this monument everyday and even more so when we see the occasional jet, a Marine Osprey, a helicopter or even a single engine Cessna fly by it.
The Wright Brothers Monument was designed by Rodgers and Poor, an architectural firm from New York.
 This is a replica of the Wright Brothers plane, built in honor of the 100th anniversary of flight.  Their original plane is in the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

We didn't know the Grave Digger, a popular and somewhat famous monster truck racing team competitor was located in Grandy, NC. 

We took the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry over to Ocracoke Island for a nice afternoon of exploring this quiet part of North Carolina's coastline.

A serene, windy and deserted Ocracoke Island beach.

We took a drive to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.
The dark spot in the center of this photo is the boiler of the shipwreck Oriental. It sank in 1862.  You can see this part of the shipwreck if you walk across the highway from the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

What a treat, we got to see the migrating tundra swans and white pelicans at the Wildlife Refuge too.

We have one more week here in Kill Devil Hills before we ease on down the road.
More later.

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  1. I'll bet it's a little brisk out there on the Outer Banks in recent days :) Soon you'll be headed south to warmer climes. We're doing our best to keep that thermostat cranked up for you :) Happy Thanksgiving!