Monday, October 6, 2014

In & About Asheville..Part 2

The weather has been very nice, sunny and comfortable.  A cold front moved through and brought the temps down but that only encourages the leaves to turn color quicker and in some cases get brighter. 

We had a fun visit with Rick and Gail, the Gypsy Turtles.  We met at Pack's Tavern and spent the afternoon catching up on our summer travels.  It's possible our paths may cross again in Florida this winter.

We attended the Cradle of Forestry's Forest Festival Day.  It was fun to watch the wood chopping contests and the pole climbing competition.  Some how we missed some of the craft demonstrations but it was still a good day.

Participants were forestry students from various community collages in western NC and from NC State's Forestry School.

While walking along the interpretive trail at their Discovery Center we found this unique sycamore tree and its information display. Cool...
I'm hugging the sycamore..guess that makes me a tree hugger.

We've experienced some clear skies since the cold front came through and swept all the clouds away.
Photo from one of the several overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Photo from top of Mount Mitchell.

This was one of the clearest days we have seen.  The Smoky Mountains are the last row visible.

Grandfather Mountain is the highest peak on the horizon.

The temperature that day on Mitchell was 45 with wind.

We have sampled 2 more breweries.  The Wicked Weed, located in Asheville
Ron had the Freak of Nature IPA and I really enjoyed the special brew of the season, Pumpk-Anne.  We just love this place.

The entrance to the tap room was filled with their signature cans..very colorful.

Ron selected the popular Dale's Pale Ale and I choose their season special Bavarian Hefeweizen.  Good choices, we think.

We have 2 more weeks here and the leaves are just beginning to really show their color.
More later...


  1. Was great seeing you! Maybe we'll run into each other this winter :)

  2. Good friends, good food, good time! Lots of peoples paths cross in Florida during the winter. Snow birds flock together like that.

  3. Good idea to warm up with a couple of brewskis after a chilly day of sightseeing. Little Boy looks like he's enjoying his stay in Asheville.