Sunday, October 12, 2014

Driving The Blue Ridge Parkway..Part 2

On this day we drove the section of the Parkway south of Asheville, going towards Waynesville.  It was a cool and cloudy day and as we gained altitude we could tell the leaves turned brighter with more color.

Overlook near Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields Waterfall Overlook

What a visual treat we found as we came upon the Graveyard Fields Trail and Overlook.  There were a lot of people taking photos including me.  We drove on and didn't do the popular hike, it was just a little too cool and windy for us on this day.
Graveyard Fields Trail Overlook

As we traveled on towards Richland Balsam Overlook, the highest point on the Parkway, the clouds and rain prevailed.  We continued on towards Waynesville.  We finally got out of the heavy fog to find more brilliant color.
Overlook descending down from Richland Balsam into Waynesville.

We knew Waynesville was having their annual Church Street Arts and Crafts Show.  We also wanted lunch so we came off the parkway to enjoy some good food and excellent art.  Yes..I browsed all the booths!

We had one more stop on this day's trip.  We wanted to see the Elk of Cataloochee Valley.
This was an interesting experience: seeing the elk and hearing the bull's bugle call and the drive on Cove Creek Road too.
Elk in the meadow at Cataloochee Valley

More elk, we saw around 11 that afternoon.

Bull elk with a loud bugle call.  Wow, this was awesome to hear!
More later..


  1. The bright crimson are my favorites and it looks like there are plenty now :)

    The arts show sure looks cool! Love those metal sculptures.

  2. Your pics are gorgeous, and the elk too. We are finally back in our winter home in the ca desert, and welcomed so warmly by our friends here. We spent a month in Palm Desert ca, near palm springs. The Eisenhower medical group is there, and I needed to see some doctors, I got a urologist and thank god no tumors, an internist, cat scan, mammogram, pap smear and even a deep root cleaning at the dentist, not to mention the eye doctor and we both got new glasses. I got my washer dryer fixed and a few other things and now our dining room slide doesn't want to come in but we have a trick to get it in till we get to a shop, the arms that hold it up are sagging so it is dragging on the coach. We got a new windshield put in while we were in Oregon in June, we came in here yesterday, leveled the coach and the whole windshield cracked, both sides. I will call them tomorrow, it has a warranty, maybe it wasn't installed properly, too much to tell you, haven't written on our blog, I was sick most of the time we were on the Oregon coast but I will tell you about that some other time, so glad to be here and the cat and the birds are too, I can tell. Regards to ron and little boy.

  3. I'm so used to seeing the deep greens of the mountains. The colors are beautiful! I can't imagine the bugle of elk. We have yet to see one.