Thursday, May 29, 2014

# 59 Fort Chiswell, Virginia

What happened to the month of May?  We blinked our eyes and it's gone.  When we were preparing to go full-time, it seemed that time just stood still or moved at a snail's pace.  Now that we are full-time RVers, it feels that time flies by.  Who was it that said "Time flies by when you're having fun."?

We have just spent the past few weeks visiting my Mom and family as well as attending to our yearly scheduled appointments.  Ron was able to complete several "handy-man" type projects for my Mom too.  I didn't take a single photograph that entire visit except this one. My Mom, Ronnie and I went out to eat at Heath's Steak House in Dunn to celebrate my birthday.

We traveled this week to Virginia where we are camped at Fort Chiswell RV Park, located in Max Meadows.  We plan to spend the next month or so camped here to visit Ronnie's family.  We're looking forward to exploring this area too.  There are a few wineries near by, we're close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the New River and some interesting museums.  Stay tuned..


  1. You are so right about time going by so fast now that we're on the road. Another phrase I've heard is "Time flies when you're having rum!".

  2. Time certainly does fly whether you're having fun or rum...or both :) We have spent May in TN with the kids and our time is almost up. I have no idea where it all went to but next week, we move on down the road :)

  3. So glad to see you on the road again, we are getting ready to enter Oregon and all its natural wonders. Hope you like the pics and videos of mount Shasta.

  4. You're so right -- where did May go? Or March or April for that matter? Having fun is what it's all about. Happy belated birthday to you!

  5. Miss you guys! So glad you are having so much fun!