Tuesday, April 29, 2014

# 58 Goodbye Deer Creek and Goodbye Florida

What a fantastic winter we have had!  This was our first winter season in Florida and it was very nice.  We have enjoyed mild temperatures (in our opinion), some delicious meals and met some great folks.  
We loved the palm trees and flowers.
View of the club house and pool.

 We saw lots of wildlife here: sandhill cranes, wild turkeys and a variety of egrets.

Even Little Boy has enjoyed himself.  He's caught bunches of lizards and rolled in the cool grass.

We also got several things done on our to-do list.  Ronnie completed a big caulking job, replacing it all around the top and bottom fiberglass seams, applied the yearly roof wax and washed the motorhome.  He replaced our broken fresh water intake pipe too.  That was a chore and I could have written an entire blog post just about that!  But all is well, he did a good job on the repair.

We also moved our domicile to Florida.  Afterwards we celebrated with a traditional Florida meal..grilled red snapper and home-made key lime pie.
We found this very casual seafood restaurant in New Smyrna Beach.
Grilled red snapper with lemon dill sauce.
I talked Ronnie into sharing a piece of their key lime pie.  After 2 bites, he went back and ordered his own slice.

We leave here today (Tuesday) headed towards Hudson, Florida.  There we will visit Suncoast Designers.  This company repairs RV double pane windows.  Our driver's side window began to fog last summer and this was the perfect opportunity to stop by for the repair.  Ronnie doesn't have to drive the rig through Orlando traffic..great.  After we finish there, we will begin our move towards North Carolina.  We will spend some time visiting with family and completing some appointments.  Our summer plans are to spend time in the North Carolina and Virginia mountains.

So..for now, we will "Eas-on down the road".


  1. Good luck on the window repair :)
    Safe travels. The Carolina mountains sound like a great summer choice.

  2. Your winter sounds wonderful! Hope your window repair goes smoothly!!

    Great pics! I love palm trees too. :)