Thursday, November 28, 2019

As Seen In New Orleans

During our month long stay here in Biloxi, Ronnie and I made two day trips to New Orleans.  Day trip one was to the French Quarter section and our second visit to the New Orleans National WWII Museum.  We only stayed three hours on our French Quarter visit as parking was very expensive.  We strolled the old streets checking out the French Market, the historical architecture and taking in the musical sights and sounds of the area.

Day trip two, our destination was the outstanding New Orleans National WWII Museum.

We spent over five hours here and we still did not see all of the Museum.  In all of our travels, this Museum has to be one of our top best!

I made very few photographs inside because I was so engaged in learning.  The WWII Museum's exhibits are well presented with actual footage along with many, many artifacts.  One almost feels immersed into the events as they transpired over the period of the War.  There are six buildings of exhibits, Ronnie and I only made it to just 4 of them. Building One: The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion offers an overview of how WWII started, Building Three: Campaigns of Courage- European and Pacific Theaters relives how the United States navigated the path to freedom.

 Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to everyone.  Ronnie and I are grateful everyday for our many blessings, the freedom to travel and see our country's amazing landscapes are one which we are especially thankful.

More Later.

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