Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"I've Looked At Clouds.."

Leaving Seward, we traveled about 4 hours northward to the town of Wasilla.  There, we found booked campgrounds and felt fortunate we found this nice electric only site.  The day we arrived it was warm and sunny.  I was glad I got this photograph of our campsite with the mountain range in the background because it was the only view we saw of them or of the other surrounding mountain ranges in the area.  For seven says we had cloudy weather with drizzling rain and very cool temperatures. Our efforts to explore Hatcher Pass will have to wait for next time.

We did visit both the Wasilla and Palmer Farmers Markets.  We saw some of those huge veggies that Alaska's summers are famous for growing.

After those seven cloudy, cool days, we moved northward still to Trapper Creek.  We took two days to get in visits to the quaint and quirky town of Talkeetna.  The town's website states it's one of the Alaska towns that inspired the 1990's TV show Northern Exposure.  Interestingly, Ronnie and I toured that TV set in Washington back in 2003.
The town of Talkeetna offers many different tour opportunities from flight seeing ventures to white water rafting and mountaineering.

A quick walk from downtown to the banks of the Susitna River where we find some fast flowing glacier melt river water.

The Fairview Inn built in 1923.

The Nagley General Store is also famous for Stubb's the Cat.  Unfortunately Stubbs passed away a few weeks ago.

More Later..
from Denali National Park.


  1. Nice post, did you get to say hello to sarah palin,(smile). We are here going through two full weeks of rain, our new outdoor blind lasted 1 week before left side of installation fell down, not the blind but the bracket that it raises and lowers on, with all this rain we don't have to use it yet. Yesterday I turned on the kitchen faucet and water shot out everywhere, its only a year and half old and already fell apart, so my handyman put in a new moen faucet for us, lifetime guarantee, these houses like the rv's are using china built look alikes for all these faucets, what a shame when you pay so much. We made plans to go to a car show in flagler beach, just an hour and a half from here for october, joels birthday weekend, will stay overnight and come home the next day, can't leave the pets for more than that. I am so glad you are enjoying your trip to alaska, we could never have done it with and trailer and corvette. We went there on a cruise on July 4th, it rained everyday and we could'nt do any excursions, well, take care, regards to ronnie and little boy. We are so looking forward to seeing you guys this winter. Sincerely, esta

  2. Excellent pictures of Talkeetna. I did not get the Northern Exposure vibe at all. Too many tourists!