Monday, July 24, 2017

Kenai Fjords National Park: The Glaciers

A highlight of our time in Seward was our Northwestern Glacier Tour with Kenai Fjords Tours.
This was a special trip for us, one that measured up to it's expectations.  In fact, I took so many photos, I have to have 2 separate blog posts.  This one is about the glacier scenery we saw and the next blog will have the wildlife photographs.

To learn more about Kenai Fjords National Park click here.
Of course, our day started off cloudy with low fog over Resurrection Bay.  Once we arrived to the Northwestern Glacier, the clouds and fog had moved out to reveal the stunning blue of glacier ice.  

These harbor seals were sunning themselves on the floating sea ice at the base of Northwestern Glacier.

Our tour boat captain pointed out the layering seen here in this different glacier.  (We saw several.) It's caused by sediment falling from the valley walls then more glacial ice forming on top from snowfall.

There was no way to really understand the scope of the size of what we were seeing..until we saw this pleasure boat.

The amazing scenery looked like a post card everywhere we looked.

The tour boat captain described this cove of waterfalls as "their Jurassic Park".  Again, we were awed by the size of our surroundings as we got closer to these waterfalls.  I think I remember the boat captain calling this Aialik Bay.

Everyone lined up (the boat was filled to capacity) to have their picture taken by the tour boat's hostesses with your own cell charge!

Now for the wildlife we saw on this nature tour.

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