Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Golden Gate Bridge

Would it be possible to stand on the Golden Gate Bridge while the Blue Angels flew over it?
That was our goal.  We left out the next morning after our fabulous day in San Francisco, drove to the bridge, luckily found parking and did just that.  Here are pictures from that amazing experience.


We took our time walking across the bridge and back while soaking in the views.  We saw the Blue Angels Air Demonstration Show over the San Francisco Bay from the bridge, culminating in an amazing fly-over at the end (thank you to that YouTube poster). There were many photographers snapping away but when it came time to video or take pictures of the fly-over, I just looked and took it all in. We spent the afternoon making the 1.2 mile walk, over and back, making it about 3 miles for that day.  There were bikers, walkers, joggers, families and lots of tourists like ourselves enjoying this engineering marvel.  It was another memorable moment in our full-time RVing lifestyle.

More Later..

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