Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Sutcliffe Winery, west of Cortez, had been on our list to visit since we arrived 2 weeks ago.  Located in the McElmo Canyon, our scenic drive to the winery was fantastic too.

We had to keep an eye out for the entrance sign as the winery is nestled off the highway near a high rise cliff.
We were greeted by the winery owner and our sommelier, John Sutcliffe.  We arrived at the same time as another couple from Ridgway so we were in good company.  We all really enjoyed ourselves! The stories John shared with us of his "rich and famous" lifestyle were as intriguing and entertaining as his outstanding wine.
What a great location for a wine tasting..a sunny porch, comfortable outside temps and fantastic views of the vineyard.

I spied a tree in the Vineyard's fruit orchard with blue fruit, it was unlike anything I had ever's Damson Plums.  John allowed me to select a few to take home.

The grapes for the Syrah wine are ready for picking now.  John explained that the timing for this step is important for making outstanding wine to ensure its quality taste, color and aroma.

We came home with a bottle of Sutcliffe Vineyard's
Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of
the Syrah.  We plan to enjoy them during a special occasion. 


Sunday was our travel day to Monument Valley Park.  We took Highway 160 west and with a couple of turn offs, we drove through the community of Bluff, Utah.  The Bluff Historic Fort lured us in with their signs on the highway of free admission.  Since it was a Sunday, the museum was closed but wandering around the historic buildings and displays gave us an opportunity to stretch our legs and enjoy some history too. 
This cabin was said to be one of the originals in the fort.  Bluff Fort was established in 1880.

The information placard described how this wagon traveled the famous "Hole-in-the-Rock" Route.
A reconstructed Bluff Fort cabin.
Cabin interior with period antiques.
Cabin interior with more period antiques.

One of Bluff Fort's interpretive volunteers told us not to miss the Petroglyphs at Sand Island.  We were driving by this landmark anyway and we were excited to see them.  What a special threat this was for us!  The petroglyphs were easy to spot and even easier to get a good, up close view of them too.
The info board stated that these Petroglyhs may be between 300 and 3000 years old.
Here is a close up view of a section on the rock wall.  I would estimate there were hundreds of drawings.

I could have used these photographs about 10 years ago in my art classroom!

Ronnie and I enjoyed our picnic lunch discussing these amazing drawings.  Afterwards, we drove on towards Monument Valley.  We drove through some incredible scenery.
Mother Nature's creative use of line and pattern in her landscape sculpture.

We drove by a road sign directing folks to Goosenecks State Park.  Ron asks:  "Do you want to go?"  Oh, Yes!
What a treat to see this amazing landmark.  I've read about this place and I've seen pictures, now I get to see it for myself.  
Panorama Photo
Warning..Do not get to close to the edge either.

We continued on down the road..when we realize we are seeing a view from the movies.  We recognize this spot from "Forest Gump" and maybe even a few television commercials.
Gotta get that photo...

Monument Vally was again special this second time around.  We visited this area around 1996 or so.  We revisited the Gouldings Trading Post and Movie Museum, drove through the campground where we stayed (boy, was it crowded) and reminisced about our first visit here.
Monument Valley is located on the Navajo Reservation.  We paid our entrance fee and received the privilege of driving through the spectacular eroded red rock scenery.

 We even enjoyed the lunar eclipse over the desert on the drive back home.

More later.


  1. Hi guys, so glad to see a new posting. Pictures are spectacular, as always. We are waiting for the pest control guy right now. We have red ants and huge black ones, and they bite. I spray one area and they move to another, under the slides in the linen closet and so on. So today the professional is coming, I am out of results. We are parked on grass so that could be a real problem, here the paved sites are under huge trees so we could not get a satellite signal and no cable here so that is why we are on this grass. I hope the house will be ready soon, but with all this rain they probably can't bring it down anyhow. It comes from Ga. or Nc. Just trying not to think about it, when it comes, it comes. We are starting to collect cardboard boxes for moving. Everything will fit in our trailer, and one of our neighbors will bring it to our house. Then we can clean out the rig and get it over to Alliance for the slide to be fixed and put up for consignment. I hate to have two mortgages, but the lot rent we pay here will be lower than the lot rent on the new house. I will keep telling myself that. Regards to Ron and little boy, looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys this winter. Keep safe and happy traveling.

  2. Beautiful pictures! So looking forward to seeing these beautiful sights!