Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#64 Abingdon, VA

Ron's sister and brother-in-law told us about a fantastic restaurant they had tried in Abingdon.  As they described this historic, old tavern..turned restaurant, it sounded so good we thought we must give it a try.  Our 30th wedding anniversary was coming up so we made reservations for the 21st at The Tavern.  Knowing how tired we might be after eating a large meal late in the evening, we decided to spend the night in Abingdon too.  As we researched for a place to stay, we came upon The Martha Washington Inn.  Oh my, now this looks like a place to stay for a real special occasion.  We were not disappointed in our meal and we were not disappointed in our selected hotel either.
The Martha Washington Inn
Several famous people have stayed here over the years: Elizabeth Taylor, Eleanor Roosevelt and Present Harry Truman.
 We enjoyed the beautiful pool, hot tub and gardens.
The Martha was built in 1832 and it has quite a history.  Click on the link below to learn more.
The Martha Washington Inn, Abingdon, VA

Our dinner at The Tavern was just as wonderful.  We chose a smoked salmon appetizer that was very tasty.  Ronnie selected a seafood pasta dish and I chose the beef tenderloin medallions.
The Tavern is located about a block and a half from The Martha.  It has quite the historical background too! Click on the link below to learn more.   

One of the day trips we have taken in the past couple of weeks was to Pipestem State Park in West Virginia  and The New River Gorge National River.
At Pipestem State Park, we rode the tram that takes you from the top of the mountain down to the Bluestone River.  We found a hotel and restaurant at the bottom nestled right beside the river..
Pipestem Resort State Park Lodge 

Next, we moved on down the road towards the New River Gorge.  We did not get as far to the famous bridge but we did get to Grandview Overlook on the New River.
Hopefully we can get back to visit the New River Gorge Bridge one day.  There seems to be a lot to explore and enjoy around that historic and very scenic area too.
More later.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! You sure picked a nice place to celebrate. The New River Gorge looks awesome too! Glad you are enjoying your summer.


  3. A very belated Happy Anniversary! Sounded like a nice little getaway trip.